The issue of the U.S. bombing Syria

        The U.S. president Obama decided to attack Syria where its president Assad ordered his army to use chemical weapons against the citizens and finally made over 1,400 people in death. Although it would be illegal to operate military intervention without any approval from the UN, Obama was intensely determined to send his cruise missiles into Syria (Smith, 2013). There could be pros and cons on this issue. The foreign military intervention might harm an autonomy of a country and the fact that an advanced and big country is trying to attack another nation can make the public uncomfortable. On the other hand, this military intervention is aimed to protect civilians who live in Syria, being forced to feel fear against their government.  Also, the act of Syria that used chemical weapons ran counter to the international Chemical Weapons convention, effective Oct. 14. (Gordon, 2013). I believe that it is not desirable to intervene to another country causing to harm its independence and a right. However, if the act of a country violates humanity and moral standards, it is essential for other countries and organizations to go against it.



Gordon, M. R. (2013, September 13). U.S. and Russia Reach Deal to Destroy Syria’s Chemical Arms. The New York Times. Retrieved from

Smith, J. A. (2013). US, Syria, Iran: What Just Happened?. Retrieved from


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