Wearable Computing

It is definite that Google glass, and technology like it such as Smart Watches are an evolutionary step in the direction of technology. That is, those developments of technology are the direction that I see technology heading. As Google glass enables individuals to enjoy more culture-fulfilled life in that it can catch every single moments of enjoyable activity that can be missed easily. Moreover, Smart Watches makes people access to much useable information without hardness. The technology like those leads people to have more rich life and that’s what the technology should do.

While those technologies have benefits like this-benefits of make more rich life, there are downsides as well. For instance, such advanced technologies can easily be taken by someone even without consciousness who might use this technology with inappropriate purpose such as stealing one’s private information. Therefore, technology should not only be developed as the way that make people’s life more rich but also be strong and protective to prevent the negative sides.


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